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Midwest Karate is a member of the Saskatchewan Karate Association and the Canadian Traditional Karate Federation (CTKF). As a member of the CTKF it is affiliated with the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF).

At our club we teach traditional Shotokan Karate. Our technical director is Mr. Rick Jorgensen, eighth degree black belt and president of the CTKF and Chairman of the ITKF. While Mr. Jorgensen currently lives in Ontario, he visits Regina frequently and is in constant contact with the instructors to ensure quality and consistency in our classes.

We have been at our present location in excess of 30 years. Our dojo has three thousand square feet of training space, all hardwood flooring, with two comfortable changing rooms with showers. Members can take advantage of numerous training aids ranging from traditional makiwara posts to any one of a number of modern impact bags.  The club also has a full set of competition mats for practicing kumite with safety. One wall of the training hall is lined with mirrors to help members self evaluate their form. There is also a large sitting area for parents and friends to watch class in comfort.

Anyone with an interest in traditional martial arts should come on down and try a few classes at no charge and with no obligation. You never know if you will like something until you actually try it!!

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